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Neglected Commercial Spaces: How Big Is the Problem?

  BuildFax recently published a study about neglected commercial spaces. We looked at the more than 5.2 million commercial properties in our database and took a representative sample, where we have more than 30 years of data coverage. We flagged these properties for permit activity in 10, 20, 30 and 30+ year time frames. The... Read More

BuildFax Participates in Local Food Bank Volunteer Day

The team had a blast last week at MANNA FoodBank, participating in a volunteer day. Our crew donned spiffy hairnets (did you know hairnets are also known as synthetic bouffants!?!) and weighed, bagged, and boxed 2,000 pounds of brown rice to help feed hungry families. It’s no wonder a team so adept at processing data... Read More

BuildFax Recognized with HousingWire Tech100 Award

HousingWire announced the winners of the HousingWire Tech100 awards today. BuildFax is honored to be listed among these groundbreaking companies that are leveraging technology to propel the housing industry to new levels of innovation and excellence.   The HousingWire Tech100 awards were created to draw attention to the critical role technology firms play in catering to the needs of... Read More

How to Validate Commercial Property Data with BuildFax

  Commercial properties are proven to be more prone to loss when there’s been a lapse in maintenance and upkeep. Our customers find that an effective way to mitigate this risk is to look at and validate commercial property data with insights derived from building permit records.   If you’re underwriting commercial policies that include property, BuildFax can... Read More

The Top States for Crowdsourced Architecture Design

This article was written and contributed by our friends at Arcbazar. With the increase in remodeling quickly becoming the new norm, the industry is ripe for innovative startups like Arcbazar whose platform caters to the constantly evolving behaviors of homeowners.  We live in the times of sharing economy. From Uber and Lyft to Airbnb to Upwork – the... Read More

These Are the Top 10 States for Abandoned Construction Projects

  Although abandoned construction projects are relatively uncommon, they are something that should be on your radar – especially as they impact your business. Abandoned construction projects can indicate a few things: The condition of the property doesn’t match its completed post-construction value/exposure Part of the project may not have been built to safety code which can put a... Read More

10 Top US States for Residential Remodel Spending

There’s been a huge uptick in residential remodeling in the last several years. In some states, homeowners are investing more on average than others. To find out which states are spending the most, BuildFax analyzed the more than 80 million residential properties in our database to determine the average remodeling job cost per state in 2016 (for recorded job... Read More

10 Top US States for Commercial Remodel Spending

Commercial remodeling is booming across the US, and some states are spending more than others. To find out which states are spending the most, BuildFax analyzed the more than 5.2 million commercial properties in our database to determine the average remodeling job cost per state in 2016. Louisiana... Read More

BuildFax Has a New Office!

The BuildFax team in Austin has just moved into the historic Heierman building in downtown Austin, which will serve as BuildFax’s headquarters. BuildFax continues operations out of their Asheville, NC office which buzzes with passionate permit people from the operational, data production, and engineering departments. “Moving into a larger headquarters reflects the rapid growth BuildFax is experiencing,” said... Read More

This is How the New Norm in Remodeling Impacts Commercial Lines

  We recently compared commercial new construction and commercial remodeling over the course of the Great Recession. Based on the findings of our residential study, we suspected there might also be a similar trend in commercial construction. The results from this new study illuminate some interesting findings, especially as they relate to commercial lines. Additions, remodels, and alterations... Read More
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