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BuildFax, trusted by some of the world’s largest insurance carriers, is the leading provider of residential and commercial property condition and history data in the U.S. With the nation's most comprehensive building permit database, BuildFax delivers property insights to reduce risk and boost your bottom line.

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We work with insurance carriers of all types and sizes

Integrations for large carriers, smaller carrier solutions, insights for commercial carriers and personal lines. As seen in Property Insurance Report, Claims Journal, Insurance Journal, P&C 360, and more

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Lenders love BuildFax

Lenders and Appraisers Love Buildfax

BuildFax offers lenders and appraisers property condition insights, fraud detection, and AVM enhancements to reduce risk and maximize profitability.

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Appraisers using BuildFax

"BuildFax has taken Big Data Analytics to another level with the introduction of their new Property Condition report. With its wealth of analytically derived condition indicators for the subject and neighborhood, this report sets the standard for future property condition reports. Every appraiser should pull this report when doing a review or desktop valuation."

Jeff Bradford - CEO,
Bradford Technologies
Collateral Risk Network’s 2014 Valuation Visionary
Industry Analysts

Industry Analysts

Want a bird’s eye view of construction activity across the entire U.S. for commercial and residential properties? Whether you want to better forecast macroeconomic trends, gain insight into regional remodel activity as it relates to manufacturing, predict revenues, or understand what is happening in specialty construction like solar, roof, and pool, the BuildFax Remodeling Index and related analyst products deliver tailored solutions to fuel your research.

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  • The Wall Street Journal
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • The New York Times
  • Housingwire
  • Bloomberg
  • Forbes

Accomplish more with BuildFax

Construction Activity Indicators

BuildFax data provides leading indicators into new construction activity around the United States.

Condition Score

BuildFax data uses proprietary algorithms to determine the condition of a commercial/residential property.

Major Systems Age

BuildFax brings objective major systems age into the claims process for more accurate depreciations for ACV coverage and replacement-cost holdbacks.

Neighborhood Trends

Understand the health of a local economy by using buildfax data to see property and construction trends.

Job Cost

With BuildFax, you can understand how much people are spending to update their homes.

Change Detection

Understanding changes in a property over time can help you reduce premium leakage and drive effective reappraisal/reinspection strategies.


Has someone remodeled their home? Homeowners may need additional coverage if they’ve done a significant remodel.

Contractor Data

BuildFax provides information on popular contractors in the area, their job types and costs.

Property Damage

Making a purchase/investment or insuring a home? Understand what kind of damage a property has been subject to in the past.


BuildFax has extensive data on where and how many solar panels are being installed on a property.

Roof age

BuildFax has the largest national database of roof age in existence, and can prefill roof age 100% of the time at new business to drive accurate roof age into a carrier's book.

Abandoned Construction

BuildFax not only has active and complete construction activity data, but we know when construction activity is expiring and being abandoned. Understanding construction abandonment can help you understand the health of a local building economy.

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