BuildFax Housing Health Report

The BuildFax Housing Health Report provides monthly insight into the health of the U.S. housing market with a particular focus on single-family housing authorizations and existing housing maintenance trends.

Recession probability declines as housing indicators show promise

November 2019
Increases in single-family housing authorizations reach new highs in November. The probability of a recession dropped to 42% in November from nearly 50% earlier in the year.

Housing activity increases across all major indices

October 2019
Single-family housing authorizations increase year over year for the first time in more than a year. California housing activity experiences notable growth in wildfire-impacted regions.

Strengthening economic signals ease housing slowdown

September 2019
Single-family housing authorizations increased 3.57% month over month. On the metro level, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. lead housing activity.

Property risk improves even as the housing market slows

August 2019
Single-family housing authorizations declined for the third straight quarter while maintenance and remodeling volumes experienced a slow rise after six months of decreasing activity.

Severe weather and ensuing roof repairs drive rising maintenance activity

July 2019
Maintenance and remodel volumes see simultaneous year-over-year rises for the first time since September 2018, likely a result of soaring roof maintenance activity.

Construction spend climbs despite housing slump

June 2019
Decreases in single-family housing authorizations perpetuate slowdown. However, Colorado, Florida and Washington lead state-level increases in maintenance spend.