BuildFax Housing Health Report

The BuildFax Housing Health Report provides monthly insight into the health of the U.S. housing market with a particular focus on single-family housing authorizations and existing housing maintenance trends.

Construction spend climbs despite housing slump

June 2019
Decreases in single-family housing authorizations perpetuate slowdown. However, Colorado, Florida and Washington lead state-level increases in maintenance spend.

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Five major metros see increased remodeling activity despite housing slowdown

May 2019
The May report revealed that as the U.S. housing market slows, remodeling is still on the rise in five major metros, led by Philadelphia and Chicago.

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Natural disasters drive elevated maintenance activity despite the housing slowdown

April 2019
Hurricane recovery persists in natural disaster-prone states. The overlapping storm recovery for Irma and Michael is important for insurance carriers to monitor before 2019’s hurricane season is in full swing.

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Housing market activity continues to plateau after five-year hot streak

March 2019
Maintenance activity increases in hail and hurricane-impacted states despite nationwide declines. Entering hail season, historic storms provide insight into anticipated repairs.

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How are metro areas faring amidst repeat housing declines?

February 2019
Repeat declines in single-family housing authorizations confirm the housing market slowdown is persisting. Housing activity in Dallas, New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C. rises despite housing market cooling.

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Housing indicators slide following strain from market and global tensions

January 2019
On the state level, Nevada, Oregon and Florida led decreases in maintenance activity, a signal of shifts in consumer confidence. Demolition activity increases in 2018, highlighting reinvestment opportunities.

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