Housing Health Report

Discover the latest trends affecting the overall health of the U.S. housing market with monthly updates on new construction and remodeling activity across the country.

Mounting inflation slows construction

October 2021
The current supply of homes on the market remains historically low, putting upward pressure on prices. Looking ahead, it is likely that higher inflation from housing will continue.

Housing activity holds steady as consumer confidence slides

September 2021
Housing activity was largely positive, although the pace of growth has slowed from its white-hot trajectory following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Housing activity growth slows as consumer confidence wanes

August 2021
Housing activity shows signs of stabilizing, as consumer confidence
fell to its lowest levels since February.

Housing market shows signs of stabilizing

July 2021
New and existing housing activity experienced healthy year-over-year growth in July, yet the pace of growth has slowed in recent months.

Housing market growth decelerates, indicating potential slowdown

June 2021
After several months of significant growth in 2021, the housing market showed signs of cooling off in June as the pace of growth slowed across major indicators.

Remodeling rises in major metros as homebuyer sentiment drops

May 2021
Remodeling activity increased, year over year, across most major metro areas, most significantly in Philadelphia and Chicago.