Housing Health Report

Discover the latest trends affecting the overall health of the U.S. housing market with monthly updates on new construction and remodeling activity across the country.

Housing activity growth slows as mortgage rates rise

March 2022
Single-family housing authorizations increased 2.70% year over year in March, although the pace of growth slowed from February. While one month of slowed growth is not necessarily indicative of a trend, it could suggest a turning point.

New and existing home construction increases despite inflation

February 2022
New and existing home construction experienced increases across the board in February, despite the annual inflation rate reaching its highest level in nearly 40 years.

New construction rises while builder confidence dips

January 2022
New construction edged higher in January, although homebuilder confidence dipped as inflation concerns mounted.

Ongoing supply-demand imbalance drives housing activity

December 2021
The supply-demand imbalance propelled housing activity in 2021, a trend that is expected to continue in 2022.

Rising inflation looms over the housing market

November 2021
Higher than expected inflation in 2022 could dampen the housing market outlook and further exacerbate the supply-demand imbalance.

Mounting inflation slows construction

October 2021
The current supply of homes on the market remains historically low, putting upward pressure on prices. Looking ahead, it is likely that higher inflation from housing will continue.