BuildFax Helps You Understand Property Condition and History

  • 1 Major components like roof, electrical, and plumbing
  • 2 Construction history
  • 3 Neighborhood trend
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  • Be Educated

    Leverage BuildFax’s 23 billion data points on commercial and residential structures to get detailed information about property construction and history.

  • Be Detailed

    See all of the building permit details, contractors and inspections that have occurred on a property.

  • Be Cautious

    Use BuildFax’s 20-point risk history scan to highlight significant property activity.


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  • Be Smart

    Be an expert negotiator by knowing when major property components have been updated.

  • Be Aware

    Buildfax’s system age estimates on Roof, Electric, HVAC, and Plumbing enables you to estimate upkeep and replacement costs.

  • Be Local

    BuildFax Trend data is available on hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods to identify areas on the rise or decline.


BuildFax Report

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BuildFax for Business

Big Business Loves BuildFax - BuildFax is used by the biggest insurance, lending, construction, and property platforms in the country.

  • Insurance

    Smart insurance companies use BuildFax property condition data for underwriting, inspection optimization, rating, and more

  • Real Estate Pros

    Savy Realtors, home inspectors, and appraisers use BuildFax’s trusted property history and condition data to wow their clients

  • Custom Data Integrations

    Top real estate portals and property-focused service providers with BuildFax to enhance their customer offerings.

  • Lenders

    Lenders use BuildFax to provide automated property condition assessments and validation.

At BuildFax, we share a common passion for unlocking the value of building permits to empower smart property decisions.

We are THE experts in interpreting permits and extracting valuable insights to drive smart property decisions. You don’t need to know or understand permits, we serve the insights to you in a way that you can easily understand.

We not only care about data science, but the valuable information contained within our data that can unlock success for our customers.

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