The Top States for Crowdsourced Architecture Design


This article was written and contributed by our friends at Arcbazar. With the increase in remodeling quickly becoming the new norm, the industry is ripe for innovative startups like Arcbazar whose platform caters to the constantly evolving behaviors of homeowners. 

We live in the times of sharing economy. From Uber and Lyft to Airbnb to Upwork – the power is shifting from the employees and corporate organizations to individuals. There are increasing opportunities to work from home, to freelance and to be entrepreneurial. Crowdsourcing is a big part of the collaborative economy movement; however, it is a relatively new concept in architecture.

Arcbazar is a platform that democratizes architecture by making it accessible and affordable. It gives home and business owners an opportunity to source designs on a competitive basis from a network of professionals across the world, reducing the investment while providing a range of options. At the same time, it shifts the power from a few boutique architectural design firms and redistributes it to individual designers.

We decided to look into the data to find out in which states home owners and businesses are most comfortable with crowdsourcing architectural design. We looked and analyzed 1,000 select competitions created and launched on Arcbazar between January 1st 2015 and December 31st 2016 – a two-year period. Here is the visual representation of the competitions distribution.


The top three states account for more than two thirds of all competitions (40.92%). Additionally, you can see what the average award is for each state based on all the competitions started by businesses and home owners here over the last 2 years. This will give you an idea of whether competitions started out of these states tend to be more large – or small – scale projects.


Below is a list of the 10 states with the largest number of home owners and businesses crowdsourcing architectural design, listed in ascending order.

  1. Michigan: 2.59%

Average award: $1,024

Sample competition from Michigan: Bathroom Redesign. Award: $310


  1. Georgia: 3.25%

Average award: $683

Sample competition from Georgia: Kitchen Remodel. Award: $1,000.


  1. Virginia: 3.25%

Average award: $589

Sample competition from Virginia: Rendering for Fast Casual Restaurant. Award: $1,000


  1. North Carolina: 3.57%

Average award: $1,181

Sample competition from North Carolina: Modern minimalist house with interior design and landscape plan. Award: $3,500


  1. Illinois: 5.19%

Average award: $1,150

Sample competition from Illinois: Breakwater Chicago. Award: $5,000.


  1. Florida: 7.14%

Average award: $959

Sample competition from Florida: Florida Lake home design. Award: $2,500.


  1. Texas: 7.79%

Average award: $887

Sample competition from Texas: Master Bath.


  1. New York: 8.12%

Average award: $665

Sample competition from New York: Living Room Interior Design. Award: $600


  1. Massachusetts: 8.77%

Average award: $546

Sample competition from Massachusetts: 1st Floor Cape Cod Open Concept. Award: $1,350


  1. California: 24.03%

Average award: $683

Sample competition from California: Southern California Beach Neighborhood Front Yard. Award: $750.