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Introducing BuildFax for Smaller Carriers

An underserved market BuildFax property data has been utilized by the largest insurance carriers for years to mitigate risk and drive underwriting decisions. Many smaller carriers have expressed interest in this type of data but often worry about costs and implementation time. BuildFax is proud to offer a new solution that removes those common barriers... Read More

Florida Roofs Turn Up the Heat on Insurance  

 BuildFax works with many of the nation’s largest carriers to help better price, underwrite, and market to specific risks. Our unparalleled property insight comes straight from the source – our massive database containing over 23 billion data points of building and remodeling records. This article explores the various lifecycle stages of roofs in Florida and... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Good Risk in the US

There’s a lot of good risk in the US. Here’s an infographic to break it all down.   If you have any questions, contact us today.   Read More

3 Ways Commercial Carriers Use Permit Data

At BuildFax, we talk a lot about commercial properties. But our conversations typically focus on remodel rates by location or how much data we have – not how commercial carriers actually use BuildFax data. Here’s a peek behind the curtain – a collection of three stories from a few of our customer engagement managers. 1. Effective Year Built Commercial carriers... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: BuildFax Has Commercial Property Data

One of the first questions we usually get from insurance carriers is, “Do you have commercial property data?” The answer is yes! We have a ton of it. Here’s an infographic that breaks it all down. Check it out!   Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: The Link Between the Remodeling Boom and Premium Leakage

A Couple of weeks ago we spoke with Sefton Patton about how the remodeling boom affects premium leakage. Check out our infographic on the topic!   Read More

Top 20 US Cities for Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling is on the Rise Remodels in the US are booming – and the trend isn’t just amongst residential properties. Commercial remodeling across the country increased by 7% between December 2014 and December 2015, and has increased 26% since 2013. Especially when compared to commercial new... Read More

The Link Between the Remodeling Boom and Premium Leakage

There’s been a massive boom in remodeling across the country over the last few years. Residential remodels have increased by 9% between December 2014 and December 2015. Since 2010, the number of homes undergoing work has increased by 40%. Those statistics are just the beginning of what BuildFax has to show for in terms of... Read More

WATCH: Florida Roof Life Cycle Webinar

Last week we recorded a webinar relevant to carriers in Florida – The Florida Roof Life Cycle: Insurance Eligibility, Wind Mit Credits, and Using Knowledge of New Roofs to Your Advantage. Check it out! This webinar explores the life cycle of roofs in Florida and the implications for insurers at different age intervals, including: Aging... Read More

Probable Maximum Loss – Are You Getting it Wrong?

  BuildFax works with dozens of the largest insurance carriers by helping them harness our extremely valuable data set to understand property condition so they can more accurately assess risk. One of the primary areas we lend expertise in is assisting carriers with probable maximum loss (PML) calculations to secure more favorable reinsurance terms. We... Read More
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