WATCH: Florida Roof Life Cycle Webinar

Last week we recorded a webinar relevant to carriers in Florida – The Florida Roof Life Cycle: Insurance Eligibility, Wind Mit Credits, and Using Knowledge of New Roofs to Your Advantage.

Check it out!

This webinar explores the life cycle of roofs in Florida and the implications for insurers at different age intervals, including:

  • Aging Roofs – What’s the impact of enforcing eligibility requirements?
  • Middle Aged Roofs – Is there a case for surcharging middle aged roofs that get the wind credit?
  • New Roofs – Can you crack through the soft market using knowledge of new roofs and are you missing out on new roofs on your own book?

Duration: 38 minutes
Dan Kenney, Senior Director of Insurance Engagement
Sefton Patton, Senior Director of Product & Customer Engagement
Franklin Moore, Customer Engagement Manager


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