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The State of Florida Remodeling: Post-Irma Recovery to Impact Reinsurance Talks

Advanced data services enable carriers to assess the true risk on their books Following the costliest year on record for weather disasters, with U.S. catastrophe insured losses alone surpassing $134 billion, reinsurers are reevaluating premium pricing for Florida-impacted carriers. How are carriers validating the risk on their books to capture all recent remodeling activity ahead... Read More

Secure Better Reinsurance Outcomes: The Data-Driven Response to Disaster

Third-party data solutions empower carriers with smarter negotiation tools Following an extremely active and costly Atlantic hurricane season, how can Florida carriers drive reinsurance negotiations to secure more favorable terms? With Florida experiencing a 110.6 percent surge in new roof installations, carriers have a unique opportunity to leverage data to reduce exposure and improve their... Read More