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Property History Report

Inspectors across the country use BuildFax to understand the permit history and condition of residential and commercial structures. BuildFax provides property condition insights at the individual address level in an expansive, easy-to-read property history report. BuildFax helps you: Know Before You Go: Access permitted construction documentation so that you know more about a property going... Read More

One year later: COVID-19 impact on housing

As we approached the one-year anniversary of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, housing activity continued to experience notable growth. In our latest webinar, Director of Business Development Christopher Schaum explores the intersection of COVID-19 and the housing market, and how the pandemic continues to reshape homeowner behaviors. For more insight on the U.S. housing... Read More

One year later: COVID-19 impact on housing

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the intersection of COVID-19 and the U.S. housing market, and how the pandemic continues to reshape homeowner behaviors. Read More

The Natural Disaster Report, 2017-2018 Severe Hurricanes

After record-high insured losses from weather-related disasters over the last two years, carriers are reevaluating the need for more accurate data to better manage and assess risk. BuildFax analyzed rebuilding activity following 11 hurricanes between 2000 and 2018, delivering deeper insights into recent storms: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Michael and Florence. The findings reveal: Hurricane recovery... Read More

The State of Florida Remodeling: Post-Irma Recovery to Impact Reinsurance Talks

Advanced data services enable carriers to assess the true risk on their books Following the costliest year on record for weather disasters, with U.S. catastrophe insured losses alone surpassing $134 billion, reinsurers are reevaluating premium pricing for Florida-impacted carriers. How are carriers validating the risk on their books to capture all recent remodeling activity ahead... Read More

Case Study: American Integrity Insurance Group

Responding to the inpouring of Irma claims with BuildFax’s data-driven solutions The influx of claims from Hurricane Irma brought to light the importance of having timely property history and condition data on hand. With BuildFax’s data-driven solutions, American Integrity Insurance Group established a scalable process for verifying claims – saving valuable time and resources –... Read More

Detecting property change with data-driven insights

The rate of commercial and residential remodeling has grown significantly in the last decade, leading to increased levels of premium leakage. Residential remodeling alone has increased by 58.9 percent in that timeframe. As remodeling continues to rise, how can carriers more closely align increased exposure with additional premium capture? The latest research from BuildFax explores... Read More

Secure Better Reinsurance Outcomes: The Data-Driven Response to Disaster

Third-party data solutions empower carriers with smarter negotiation tools Following an extremely active and costly Atlantic hurricane season, how can Florida carriers drive reinsurance negotiations to secure more favorable terms? With Florida experiencing a 110.6 percent surge in new roof installations, carriers have a unique opportunity to leverage data to reduce exposure and improve their... Read More