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2020 ends on a high note for housing activity

Housing activity was a bright spot for the economy in 2020, ending the year with increases across almost all major indicators in December. However, indicators suggest that there is still pent-up demand for inventory, which is expected to see some improvement in 2021 due in part to increased new construction and sellers growing more comfortable... Read More

Maintenance spend soars due to strong remodeler demand

Housing activity experienced blanket growth across key indicators for the second time this year. Maintenance spend skyrocketed in November likely driven, in part, by rising building material costs and strong demand from remodelers. Home improvement projects have increased amid the pandemic as Americans have been forced to spend more time at home. New construction activity... Read More

Housing activity growth continues but may slow

Housing activity showed continued growth in October. Single-family housing authorizations increased, though the pace of growth slowed from September. Activity may slow in the coming months as the recent announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine has resulted in conflicting signals within housing stocks. For the latest insights on U.S. housing activity, download the full report. The... Read More

Housing activity grows at a steady pace heading into fall

In September 2020, housing activity continued to climb, driven in part by a deferred spring homebuying season and strong homebuyer demand. Existing housing activity should continue to grow at a steady pace as newly purchased homes undergo renovations or existing homeowners prep their property for sale. For the latest insights into the impact of COVID-19... Read More

Housing activity experiences blanket increases for the first time since November

In August 2020, housing activity experienced blanket increases for the first time since November, driven by consumer demand for both new construction and a healthier housing stock. One example is the unprecedented rise in pool construction across the United States. Year over year, pool construction grew a whopping 35.9% in August, a sign of shifting... Read More

Housing activity advances in the face of the ongoing pandemic

Existing housing activity experienced notable growth in July, after experiencing its steepest declines in recent history just three months prior. Meanwhile, new construction increased month over month, but declined year over year. Recent increases suggest housing activity has the potential to return to its pre-COVID-19 growth trajectory. For the latest insights into the impact of... Read More

Single-family housing authorizations sink, but existing housing activity may be stabilizing

Housing activity, across a majority of indicators, fell in June, however the data tells a more nuanced story. The number of single-family housing authorizations experienced the steepest year-over-year decline in recent history. Meanwhile, existing housing activity remained relatively flat, a major improvement from a more than 20% decline just two months prior. The next few... Read More

Housing activity declines across the board, but a rebound may be imminent

New and existing housing activity fell, yet again, in May. However, other housing indicators—including existing home sales, construction jobs, mortgage locks, homebuilder sentiment, and more—started to show improvement, an indication that the recent slump in housing activity may be short-lived. Existing maintenance and remodeling activity was no exception. While these indicators experienced year-over-year declines in... Read More

Maintenance and remodel activity sink as the pandemic worsens

COVID-19 peaked in the United States in April and the housing market felt the strain of the pandemic. A record number of houses were pulled off the market, new construction slowed, and existing home sales decreased. Existing housing activity, which often sees a boost from property transactions, was no exception. How has COVID-19 affected housing... Read More

As COVID-19 outbreak spreads in the U.S., housing activity slides

March was a turning point for the United States as, state by state, the COVID-19 outbreak led to shelter-in-place orders across the nation. As a result, housing activity experienced declines across almost all major housing indicators. Just one indicator, year-over-year single-family housing authorizations, increased. How is COVID-19 expected to affect housing activity in the United... Read More
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