BuildFax Housing Health Report, August 2019

The BuildFax Housing Health Report leverages U.S. property condition and history data to provide insights into macro- and microeconomic trends are affecting the U.S. housing market. In August, BuildFax research revealed property risk on the U.S. housing stock improved even as the market continued its decline.

As conversations around a future recession gain momentum and new housing activity declines, it’s still important to monitor maintenance activity, which is one of the largest asset classes in the U.S. – valued at $35 trillion.

For instance, in a healthy market, maintenance activity is particularly reactive to natural disasters. One such example of maintenance activity reflective of a healthy market is North Carolina, which experienced severe convective storms and Hurricane Florence in 2018 and recently got hit with Hurricane Dorian. In the case of Hurricane Florence, North Carolina maintenance activity increased 34.84% in the month following the storm.

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