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Housing market growth decelerates, indicating potential slowdown

After several months of significant growth in 2021, housing activity in June is showing initial signs of potentially cooling off. Although housing activity continued to increase across major indicators, the pace of growth has decelerated from the prior month. “The housing supply is declining at a slower pace and home price increases have also slowed—a... Read More

Remodeling rises in major metros as homebuyer sentiment drops

In May, housing activity significantly increased, year over year, across all major indicators. Despite strong growth, intense housing supply shortages and sky-high prices still plague the market and pushed homebuyer sentiment to records lows in May. Although single-family housing authorizations are up 25.88%, year over year, housing starts are lagging new construction permits, prolonging inventory... Read More

Housing market rallies as materials shortages intensify

Housing activity grew significantly across almost all major indicators in April, with single-family housing authorizations up 18.39%, year over year. In existing housing activity, drastic upswings in the month of April are relative to the drop in activity seen this time last year, when the market felt the first shocking impacts of COVID-19. The pandemic... Read More

Housing hot streak continues one year into pandemic

Housing activity grew across all indicators in March with single-family housing authorizations, maintenance, and remodeling volumes increasing for the eighth consecutive month. March marked one year since the novel coronavirus was declared a national pandemic, which has drastically affected housing activity. Although the market showed the first signs of slowing this time last year, strong... Read More

Exterior home renovations climb amid the pandemic

As we approached a year since the outbreak of COVID-19, housing activity continued to experience notable growth with increases across key indicators in February. New and Existing Housing Supply Activity, February 2021 Single-family housing authorizations increased 9.08% year over year. Existing housing maintenance volume increased 7.46% year over year. Existing housing remodel volume increased 6.73%... Read More

Housing activity enters new year on strong footing

Despite a wavering economic recovery amid the persisting COVID-19 pandemic, housing activity enters 2021 on strong footing with increases across almost all indicators. Single-family housing authorizations increased year over year for the sixth consecutive month—a positive sign, given the severe U.S. housing shortage. Meanwhile, month-over-month activity remained relatively flat, decreasing just 0.36%. This is likely... Read More
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