[New Report] Secure Better Reinsurance Outcomes: The Data-Driven Response to Disaster

Following an extremely active and costly Atlantic hurricane season, how can Florida carriers drive reinsurance negotiations to secure more favorable terms? With Florida not having faced a costly disaster in more than a decade, it’s never been more important for carriers to leverage trusted third-party data, in addition to catastrophe models, during reinsurance conversations.

In our new report, “Secure Better Reinsurance Outcomes: The Data-Driven Response to Disaster,” we uncover remodeling trends that can help carriers reduce exposure and improve their reinsurance negotiation position.

Download the report to learn:

  • The unique opportunity carriers have in today’s market to leverage data to engage in more informed and strategic reinsurance negotiations
  • Florida’s surge in new roof construction and its implications for reinsurance premiums
  • How hurricane protection creates another layer of reduced exposure

For more information, visit www.buildfax.com/secure-better-reinsurance-outcomes/.