Introducing the BuildFax Report – Property History for Smart Investments


We’re proud to announce the public beta launch of our newest product, the BuildFax Report – Property history for smart investments.

The BuildFax Report makes it easy to understand the critical details about a property so you can make a smart decision when it’s time to buy. Details like how old the wiring is, the roof, or the furnace. The details that can have a huge impact on your investment choices.

In seconds, you’ll see how well the property’s been maintained, the kind of renovations that have happened, and how it compares to the neighborhood. You’ll get a detailed snapshot of the place without ever stepping foot inside.


The BuildFax Report helps you:

  • Estimate budget requirements to update aging systems like heating and cooling, electrical, or plumbing
  • Negotiate a better deal when things haven’t been updated or risks are present
  • Ensure property renovations were completed to safety standards and codes
  • Avoid costly hidden expenses like roof repair
  • Invest wisely by knowing the neighborhood renovation trends


To see the BuildFax Report for yourself, head over to the BuildFax Report page and search for an address. You’ll get the full BuildFax Report for that property, and the information you need to make a smart decision about your next investment.