Introducing: BuildFax’s New Brand Identity

We’re excited to announce that on the heels of the BuildFax 10-year anniversary, we’ve rebranded. It’s fitting that these milestones coincided. Over the past ten years, the company has grown at breakneck speeds.

In 2008, BuildFax established a previously non-existent class of data after identifying a gap in the market: across industries, there was a need for validated property risk and a way to monitor the evolution of that risk. Since then, BuildFax has filled this need by transforming unstructured data into market-transforming insights. These insights encompass underlying property insights on residential and commercial structures, including roof age and property condition, as well as macro-economic analyses of the housing market.

We needed a new look to better match what we’ve become. Today, BuildFax property condition and history data is considered the industry standard, trusted by the largest insurance and investment firms in the world to deliver business-critical property intelligence solutions. We’ve grown to serve customers more than 84 billion data points on more than 100 million commercial and residential structures. In dollars, this accounts to $12 million premium-impacting changes detected daily.

“I’m so proud of everything BuildFax has accomplished in the last decade and excited everything we’re going to do next,” said BuildFax Founder and CEO Holly Tachovsky. “At BuildFax’s core, we’re a people company with our customers and employees at the core. It’s great we now have a new look that reflects and highlights this.”

There’s no better way to celebrate all we’ve accomplished than with a sleek new logo and a comprehensive website redesign that reflects this growth. Now, it’s easier to navigate the website to explore our comprehensive insurance and investment solutions, learn more about our amazing leadership team, and stay abreast of new job openings.

You’ll also be able to easily browse BuildFax’s cutting edge research on the state of the U.S. housing market, including:

  • The Natural Disaster Report, 2017-2018 Severe Hurricanes: BuildFax analyzed rebuilding activity following 11 hurricanes between 2000 and 2018, delivering deeper insights into recent storms: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Michael and Florence. More
  • As Housing Market Slows, Remodeling Still Rises in Five Major Metros: The May Report revealed that as the U.S. housing market slows, remodeling is still one the rise in five major metros, led by Philadelphia and Chicago. More
  • Natural Disasters Drive Elevated Maintenance Activity Despite the Housing Slowdown: Hurricane recovery persists in natural disaster-prone states. The overlapping storm recovery for Irma and Michael is important for insurance carriers to monitor before 2019’s hurricane season is in full swing. More

To learn more about BuildFax, contact us today.