INFOGRAPHIC: Building Permits 101 – What You Need to Know


You’re finally ready to make those long-awaited home improvements and you’ve secured a contractor to help carry out the work – but you’ve still got one big question: What’s a building permit?

Building permits are documents that prove construction projects, such as kitchen renovations or a home remodel, have been done in compliance with local health and safety standards. These standards (aka building codes) define the requirements for structural integrity, installation of electrical, heating, and plumbing systems, and emergency exits.

Building codes and the permits that enforce them exist so that the people who eventually inhabit a space are safe. When looked at on a macro level, building permits can also reveal broad trends like economic growth, gentrification, and adoption of solar technology.

At their core, building permits are there to ensure your family is safe where they live, work, and play. Want to know more? Check out our infographic for the rundown.

Building Permits 101