BuildFax and Code2College Invest in Up-and-coming Tech Talent

We’re thrilled to partner with Code2College in their effort to dramatically increase the number of girls, underrepresented students of color and low-income students who enter undergraduate programs and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

“At BuildFax, we value mentorship and investing in up-and-coming data scientists and coders,” said Jonathan Kanarek, COO of BuildFax. “In particular, we want to support girls and other underrepresented youth in technology. If we are only engaging half of our potential STEM population effectively, then we are handicapping our potential outcomes by half as well. More effective engagement of every student radically changes the game. Code2College is doing so student by student while changing lives and bringing more bright minds to the table to solve tomorrow’s problems.”

BuildFax will hire two Code2College data science interns to participate in a 10-week program focused on addressing several projects for the company.

“Young, development-capable students are a relatively untapped source of talent,” said Matt Stephenson, co-founder and executive director of Code2College. “The work we do at Code2College is to intentionally build and diversify the tech talent pipeline. BuildFax serves as a model for other companies exemplifying how diversity, community engagement and education are priorities in their business mission.”

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