At BuildFax we share a common passion for delivering property condition and history data on residential and commercial structures to empower smart decisions.

With over 23 billion data points on residential and commercial structures and proprietary predictive analytics, we’ve learned a lot about how building permit data predicts loss and tells the story of property history, improvements, structural risks, and changes over time. These insights can be a game changer for everyone involved in real estate. Which is why we count some of the world’s largest insurance, property companies and lending companies as our clients.

From first-time homebuyers looking at renovations on a single property to underwriters at top ten insurance companies to veterans in finance who rely on the BuildFax Remodeling Index – We believe that everyone should have access to the wealth of property history and condition insights we provide.

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • The New York Times
  • Housingwire
  • Bloomberg
  • Forbes
23 Billion Data Points
23 Billion Data Points, on res/com structures
Over 70% coverage
Covers over 70% of the US population
1,000 new insights per minute
New property insights per min

BuildFax is part of the DMGT Family of Companies

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BuildFax enables companies to stay competitive by making smarter business decisions. Our unparalleled database delivers game-changing insights into property condition and history.



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