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Posted on Jun 13 2017
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Abandoned construction webinar


Did you miss our abandoned construction webinar? Don’t worry, you can still watch it!

Whether you’re underwriting a book of business, managing a portfolio of properties, or looking for new housing data to help forecast economic change, your success relies on knowing what’s happening with construction activity. It also relies on knowing what’s not happening – the abandoned construction projects on the properties you care about.


BuildFax has just completed a study on abandoned construction projects across the US featuring more than 15 years of historical construction data on commercial and residential structures. This webinar features speakers Holly Tachovsky, CEO at BuildFax, and Sefton Patton, VP, Customer Operations at BuildFax. They discuss the findings in detail, including:


  • Abandoned construction as a leading indicator and today’s outlook
  • Possible hidden risks these trends expose
  • Commercial sector analysis for lodging-resort, healthcare, and retail


To watch this webinar, just click here (or click the button below).




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