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Posted on Jan 12 2018
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Property Casualty 360 recently published an article by BuildFax founder and CEO, Holly Tachovsky. In the article, Holly analyzes historical construction activity for some of the country’s costliest storms, which brings clarity and insight to current recovery efforts for recent storms Irma and Harvey. Highlights from the article include: The intelligence that can come out … Continued

Posted on Jan 4 2018
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  2017 turned out to be one of the costliest years for natural disasters in recent history. As a result, carriers are anticipating hefty increases in reinsurance premiums on the horizon. And while rate hikes are never a welcome sight, there is a silver lining. In the last six years, home remodeling has increased by … Continued

Posted on Dec 13 2017
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For nearly a decade, BuildFax has been the leading source of property history and condition insights for some of the largest insurance companies in the country. Leveraging the nation’s largest database of building permits, construction data, and other publicly sourced information, BuildFax delivers detailed intelligence on roof, condition, maintenance history, and remodeling for more than … Continued

Posted on Aug 15 2017
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  In the race to beat the market, there’s a ton of competition for new, better alternative data. And data providers are clamoring to sell the latest and greatest in big data and analytics. So, what’s the best way to break through all the noise and procure those gold nuggets that can actually help capture … Continued

Posted on Jul 11 2017
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We recently published a study on remodeling from three unique perspectives: historical, national, and regional. The historical perspective is particularly compelling because it reveals a pronounced shift in investments after the housing crisis of 2008. The graph above shows residential new construction and existing structure construction spending throughout the course of the housing crisis. Notice … Continued

Posted on Jun 27 2017
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  Residential remodeling has been steadily on the rise for the last several years. So what else is new? Actually, quite a lot. For businesses that deal with property, it’s more important than ever to keep an ear to the ground for the changing landscape of remodeling activity. Why now? Because 2016 saw some interesting … Continued

Posted on May 3 2017
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  Could examining abandonment trends over the course of an economic downturn uncover a possible connection to the housing crisis, or even reveal a new leading indicator? And what about the rise in construction we are seeing now – is there a recurrence of abandoned projects in the current economy (or on the horizon)? These … Continued

Posted on Mar 7 2017
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  BuildFax recently published a study about neglected commercial spaces. We looked at the more than 5.2 million commercial properties in our database and took a representative sample, where we have more than 30 years of data coverage. We flagged these properties for permit activity in 10, 20, 30 and 30+ year time frames. The … Continued

Posted on Dec 21 2016
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A group of us at the office were chatting the other day about what types of work Santa has had done to his property up at The North Pole. We had some guesses, but we wanted to know for sure. So we did some digging in our building permit database and found some pretty cool stuff! … Continued