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Roof Condition

Roof Condition

Roof age is massively predictive of risk - Roofs older than 20 years are associated with higher loss ratios

Property Condition

Property Condition

Permit history reveals loss potential - The presence and absence of any permit, regardless of type, is predictive of loss



Upkeep influences exposure - Remodel details for roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and more, including job costs



Monitor changes over time - Property improvements impact exposure, coverage A, and more. Stay on the pulse of these improvements as they’re happening.


BuildFax is the trusted third party source of residential and commercial property condition and history data for insurance companies across the country. Trusted by some of the world’s largest insurance carriers. With the nation’s most comprehensive building permit database, BuildFax delivers property insights to reduce risk and boost your bottom line.

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We work with insurance carriers of all types and sizes

Integrations for large carriers, smaller carrier solutions, insights for commercial carriers and personal lines. As seen in Property Insurance Report, Claims Journal, Insurance Journal, P&C 360, and more.

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BuildFax published in Property Insurance Report, Claims Journal, Insurance Journal, P&C 360


BuildFax offers 24/7 access to the largest database of property condition and construction history data in the country. BuildFax Property History Reports are used every day across the country by busy Realtors. They tell us our reports are invaluable for three primary reasons:

Negotiation Prep.

In a negotiation, having all the data is essential. Armed with a BuildFax Report, you'll know more about a structure's history going into a negotiation.

Trusted due diligence.

Sharing the documented repair and addition history with your clients helps them have greater confidence and peace of mind with their purchasing decisions.

Better referrals.

The new standard of care is ensuring clients have this type of information before making their big purchase; this makes you stand out from the competition and memorable for future referrals.

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"The BuildFax Report helps me stand out from the competition, get more referrals, and deliver a higher standard of care to my clients. They now feel more empowered and confident in their decision to buy."

Tammy Young,
Owner/Broker, Realtor, GRI,
SEED Property Group
GRI Platinum Top 50


BuildFax provides property insights that help educate, earn trust, and empower informed decisions. Give your customers a unique value-add as part of your standard package. It’s a great way to increase referrals, grow your business, and stand out from the competition.

BuildFax Property History Reports are used every day by inspectors across the country. They tell us our reports are invaluable for three primary reasons:

Property Summary

  • Know before you go

    Armed with 23 billion data points, you'll often know more about a structure's construction history going into an inspection than the homeowner does.

  • Have Historical Documentation

    In addition to your findings, arm your clients with construction history details to give them greater confidence and peace of mind with their purchase decision.

  • Get Referrals

    Satisfied clients tend to share their experience with their friends and colleagues. As one inspector put it, " one has ever told me I provided too much information. In my job, more is better."

With remodel and new construction details on plumbing, roof, electric, HVAC, and solar. BuildFax Inspector Property History Reports are proudly endorsed by ASHI and InterNACHI.

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InterNACHI & ASHI Endorsement

Lenders and Appraisers Love BuildFax

BuildFax offers lenders and appraisers property condition insights, fraud detection, and AVM enhancements to reduce risk and maximize profitability.

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Quote from Lender

  • "BuildFax has taken Big Data Analytics to another level with the introduction of their new Property Condition report. With its wealth of analytically derived condition indicators for the subject and neighborhood, this report sets the standard for future property condition reports. Every appraiser should pull this report when doing a review or desktop valuation."

    Jeff Bradford - CEO,
    Bradford Technologies
    Collateral Risk Network’s 2014 Valuation Visionary

Construction Industry Analysts

Want a bird’s eye view of construction activity across the entire U.S. for commercial and residential properties? Whether you want to better forecast macro-economic trends, gain insight into regional remodel activity as it relates to manufacturing, predict revenues, or understand what is happening in specialty construction like solar, roof, and pool, we have just the information you need.

Check out our monthly BuildFax construction indices (the BFI) on our Blog.

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  • San Francisco Chronicle
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