BuildFax Housing Health Report, December 2018

Housing authorizations show early indications of economic slowdown 

The probability of a U.S. economic recession almost doubles by 2020, according to a recent analysis by BuildFax.

BuildFax’s new Housing Health Report, which leverages U.S. property condition and history data to deliver macroeconomic trends affecting the U.S. housing market, demonstrates how declines in single-family housing authorizations, among other key factors, may contribute to heightened risk over the next year.

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"The potential for an economic downturn has been a highly discussed topic over the past few months as more potential signals of a recession come into alignment. We've been tracking single-family housing authorizations daily for a more granular understanding of whether a decline might be on the horizon. "

Holly Tachovsky, CEO, BuildFax

"Under current conditions we anticipate single-family housing authorizations to be a must-watch indicator in 2019 and as we move into 2020. However, more than a few critical economic factors must align before a recession is imminent. More so now than in months prior, insight into daily movements of housing indicators provides a stronger understanding of how the market is expected to move, and how fast it will move in a specific direction. "

Jonathan Kanarek, COO, BuildFax