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Our History

How did a group of data geeks in Asheville, NC and Austin, TX create THE go-to source for building construction records, creating new, must-have data for the property sector?


Well, the course of true innovation never did run smooth. Our auspicious beginning came when we got an idea in the early 2000's.

We were consistently surprised at the number of people who did not fully understand the importance of good building codes. So our idea was to focus on the valuable pieces of public safety data being created by building departments across the country. This data primarily details new construction, major systems repair, additions, renovations, roofs, pools, demolitions, contractors and more.

We had a strong conviction that said if we collected and shared the critical property-related data points, we could improve the information available in any property transaction—from buyers acquiring a property to real estate appraisers sizing it up; from lenders financing it to insurers protecting it. But not only could we improve the availability of property information, we could improve the quality and safety of the property itself by arming all those involved in the 'life' of the structure with BuildFax data.

Naturally, as all great endeavors of innovation go, we eventually realized that the task of gathering data from many thousands of disparate sources across the country was harder than we first envisioned. But we kept our eyes on the prize, staying entertained by brainstorming different ways to slice and dice the data . . . and drinking lots of caffeine.

2008 turned out to be the breakthrough year in the company's history. By constantly experimenting with the data and asking tough questions (and letting the best idea win), we created a proprietary, leading-edge combination of people, process, and technology. Ta-dah! This trifecta breakthrough enabled us to turn the corner and gather data on an unprecedented scale. Finally, the dream of national data coverage was within sight.

By collecting and organizing detailed information on buildings, BuildFax is now the best—and only—comprehensive source of a property or structure's 'life story' . . . available at the click of a button.

As for us, well, we're still data geeks, but now we sleep easier at night knowing that we're providing one-of-a-kind data to property owners that want to 'run a background check' on a structure—it's peace of mind for us, and you.

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